PJ Harvey is a rocker and a poet who can play about 5 different instruments, she is the only artist to have won the Mercury Prize for music twice, and has been appointed an MBE by the Queen of England. Her bigger accomplishment, however, is her sense of style (joking of course, but it is pretty great). Polly Jean Harvey, you are one badass lady, and we salute you for it.



Here, PJ’s makeup takes a nice little journey from her false eyelashes, through her blue eyeshadow, all the way up to her drawn on eyebrows. It’s a journey I’ve always dreamt of voyaging, alas, I sit here with bare eyelids and eyebrows made of hair. The hot pink catsuit is playful, but PJ leaves it unzipped past her bra to remind us that she is hot as hell, and knows it.



Baby bangs, blue eyeshadow, pointed collars, and shoulder pads. Do I even need to say anything else? No. It’s great and if you don’t agree you probably wear cargo shorts with a t-shirt tucked in.



Spice girls dress and maracas? Sounds like a party to me. The spice girls recently announced that they are working together on new material after nearly 20 years, maybe they should add PJ Harvey as a new member. Based on this photo maybe she could be called “a little bit crazy, but in a good way spice.”



Here, PJ looks like she hopped out of the shower and threw on her party city couture just in time for her gig. If you are in the market for fabulous red glasses like PJ’s, check out these free people sunnies for just $25 dollars here. If you are in the market for a fabulous red boa like PJ’s, check out any craft store ever. Also, as I dove farther into my PJ research I found she had a few looks that were cheetah/red combo. Here’s one with a metallic gold barbie purse.



The top half of this look says angelic rocker, soft and sleek hair with a pure white top. Thennnn we move down the bod, and things get a little friskier. Her dress is so short that we get a cheeky glimpse of her matching panties. This was so intentional. I love her.



Red, the color of love, the color of passion, the color of sex, the color of this whole look. Wearing all red gives off a seductive look, and I think shes so sexy that she’s turning herself on (see nipples for evidence).



If I had never seen this look before and you described it to me with just words, I would have thought that it sounded like a 5 year old decided to dress themselves. However, for some reason seeing a grown woman rock a belt made of hot wheels is filling me with joy.



These American flag themed looks are magnificent to begin with, but the fact that she is british makes them even better. Also, star spangled undies paired with snakeskin boots might be my new favorite power clash.   



PJ’s looks have evolved as she has gotten older, and now in her 40’s she dresses like a dark mystical raven. The midnight blue robe makes her look like she is a member of some underground society of fabulous female alchemists. I bet that saxophone could curse an entire village if she wanted it to.



Here is another dark raven look (there is smoke in the back, this is seriously so witchy). I’m not sure what changed in PJ’s life that caused her to exclusively wear crow feathers, but I’m not complaining. She is probably threatening someone with her saxophone here.



There were way too many fantastic looks to explore, so here are some of my other favorite PJ Harvey looks. If you want more, hop on google images and get inspired, ya dingus.