If you haven’t heard of Greta Van Fleet they’re an excellent new Zeppelin cover band. Just kidding! But they do sound exactly like LZ which is dope because it’s like LZ is releasing new material which makes us all happy. They’re music is very good, but alas this is not a music review. It’s a fashion review, and hold on to your seatbelts because it is GOOD. The lead singer of Greta Van Fleet, Josh Kiszka, is fulfilling all of my androgenous, power-clashing, hippie-man dreamz.  



Where can I acquire these velvet cranberry bell bottoms? I am also inspired to grab a floral tee and sit contemplatively barefooted on a deck. It’s the perfect spring look/attitude.



This blouse is the perfect touch of kimono without being offensive. Also, lads, this is a great example of why you should start wearing women’s clothing immediately. It’s more fun, it’s more playful, and the cleavage is amazing. Honestly, show me a breezier men’s look, I dare you.



This tamborine is the perfect accessory to this festival-girl fringe fantasy. The pairing of the bohemian half-poncho with the slacks/black leather belt is very Vanessa-hudgens-at-coachella on the top, and accountant dad on the bottom. The ultimate power clash.



This outfit has minor cultural appropriation vibes, but I’m living for the attention to accessories. Let’s move on to the twin brother/guitarist’s look during the same show because it’s much better….


Attention: these pants exist and my roommate has them and she got them here. They are the ultimate beetlejuice chic grab and every self respecting wardrobe should include a pair.



Listen to me when I shout from the rooftops: TUNICS FOR MEN! This is a fabulous garment and I equally want to be a cute pregnant woman in it and a male rockstar. Can you say versatile?



Best for last. The only thing I love more than a power clash is a power MATCH. What’s a power match? It’s when two garments match each other so exquisitely that you die a little. Look at this little white boy rocking this afro-chic 70s women’s attire like it’s nobody's business.