In conjunction with the Cassandra piece, I would like to write about the incredible style of Eagles of Death Metal bassist Jennie Vee. Should we just start a section called badass bassist fashionistas? Probably. Because the only thing cooler than a babe with a bass guitar, is a babe with a bass guitar in a killer ensemble.

When I saw EODM last month, Jennie was wearing a full length red sequined jumpsuit and cat eye glasses. “Can I marry her?” I heard this chick in front of me ask. Same girl, same. While I’m not sure if this picture is from the actual show that I saw, I am sure that this is the same jumpsuit. Unless she has multiple red sparkly jumpsuits, in which case, I love her even more.



Next, outfit: immaculately accessorized goth chick. I love Jennie’s tendency to don monochromatic ensembles. And while the color of choice is usually cherry red, I’m shook over this all black look. I mean really, is it possible to looking any more fucking cool? The sheer heart printed top is my favorite part and I NEED to know where I can acquire one. 



I am already impressed by any lady confident and skilled enough to walk in heels, nonetheless heels like this. On top of that, I have to believe that Jennie donned these suckers for a show. You know that she is committed to Style with a capital “S” because of the sheer amount of buckles and laces associated with these boots. You don’t spend 25 minutes strapping up these bad boys only to top off the look with a PINK sweatshirt and leggings and hit the nearest Starbucks. You put on these boots to kick some ass.



Is it true that this look has single handedly made me change my opinion of kelly green garments? Yes. Usually I avoid kelly green because it says “toddler” or “leprechaun” more than “dope ass lady.” But here we see a VERY dope ass lady looking extremely dope ass in kelly green. Maybe it’s because she’s expertly paired the top with leopard print shorts, fishnets, and a power stance.