Jaco Pastorius, legendary bass player and talented headband wearer. Jaco has inspired so many modern musicians, not just in the jazz world but all across the musical spectrum. Robert Trujillo of Metallica and Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers are just two of the people who have considered him a musical hero. For me however, Jaco is a fashion hero. His use of bold colors and stripes make me want to hop on a train straight to Jazz town.

RIP you funky brother.



If Free People had a men’s section, this shirt would be in it. In fact, it could probably be in the women's section as well. The floral print on Jaco’s button down oozes tropical bohemian vibes and the beanie looks like he bought it at the most stylish baby gap ever. Also, I’m loving his use of ears as an accessory.



This is a classic Jaco Pastorius look: striped sweater, headband, and the “Bass of Doom.” Side note: the bass of doom has had a fairly impressive journey of its own, starting with Jaco buying it in the early 70s for 90$ then removing the frets with a butter knife, I’ll let you research the rest on your own.  Overall, this look is very Jaco; effortless and jazzy (pun intended).



Here, Jaco is straying from his casual wavy locks and donning a tight ballerina bun, giving him an air of gracefulness. The olive green sweater is ripped at the wrist and his bass is coated in scratches because jazz is really effing rough, guys. Between the perfect bun and the white pants, Jaco looks like a young maiden from a tampon commercial.



Can you say trendy dad?!? The corduroy blazer over the vibrant striped sweater is seasoned and cool, reminiscent of a stoner dad at a parent teacher conference. On another note, his hair looks like when I tried to cut my own hair at the age of four, although he pulls it off better.  




This psychedelic masterpiece is a whirlwind of fashion choices. It looks as if he put on a white apron and then a shirt over it, probably because he was cooking up something good right before the show (this outfit). Also, jazz is often thought of as an elitist form of music, and that's why I think it is interesting to see someone like Jaco go onstage barefoot in an outfit that makes him look like an MDMA dealer.



This may honestly be the first time I’ve seen someone wear a sweatband in a non-exercise context and look stylish. Throwing on a sweatband for the day takes athletic leisure wear to a whole new level. Take that lulu lemon!