Axl Robe


Sometimes in life the most meaningful moments happen to you when you least expect them. For me, this occured the other day as I was scrolling on pinterest and came across this picture of Axl Rose in a robe, AKA my new favorite picture on the internet. I was immediately flushed with such an immense sense of delight that I promptly sent it to my sister so that we could more closely dissect its hilarity. Since then, we have been referring to the photograph as “Axl Robe,” and have come up with a few possible reasons as to why it makes me laugh so hard.


The Girl

This girl is hilarious because she is so excited that shes in a photo with Axl Rose, and is completely overlooking the fact that it is really just a photograph of her with a middle aged ginger man in a robe, standing in front of a trash can. Also, she is doing the “I love you” hand sign and not the rock n roll devil horns that I think she was going for. Bless her heart.

His Hair

The disheveled hair is perfect because it looks as if he was just napping. He quite possibly could have been napping, because I imagine he would be the kind of person that keeps his bandana on while he sleeps.

His Fist

The clenched fist by his side is a small clue that maybe Axl wasn’t too stoked about being photographed while in his leisure wear. If you know anything about Axl Rose, you may know that he doesn’t exactly have the greatest temper, and I can’t help but feel like he is using all of his inner strength to keep from punching someone in the face. His hand around her waist means that he is nice enough to take a photo with her, but that clenched fist reminds us all that he could easily take her down with a hit to the temple if he wanted to.

The Robe

This chevron printed cotton robe is straight outta bed, bath, and beyond. I mean, I at least would expect him to have a badass robe that had skulls on it or maybe naked women, but no, he chose one that you could probably find in my uncle’s bathroom.