Lucius Malfoy, the world’s favorite pure blood wizard with immaculate silky white hair. Lucius is a man that we all love to hate, his sassy nature and all around douchiness make him a force to be reckoned with. However, something that is often overlooked with Mr. Malfoy is his chic and distinguished sense of style. Here, we will explore some of Lucius’ classic fashion moments.


Lucius often rocks the monotone black ensembles, but the touch of red in his blazer makes for a more relaxed look. After all, he is having a cozy night in (this is what I like to think I look like when I sit by the fireplace). Notice how everything from the dogs to the black leather chair act as an accessory to his look. Everything about this photo screams sophistication.



Here, Lucius is rocking the perfect day to night look. As you can see he still looks fabulous after a long night out partying with the girls. The embellished chest and quilted sleeves elevate this look to a level that the other death eaters can only dream of reaching. Also, note the belt around his waist. This belt is not holding up his pants, they are pure accessory and pure glam.



Where do I begin with this one? The essence of this look is accessories, accessories, accessories. The snake themed accoutrements are a perfect embodiment of Big L’s personality. If you look closely, you may find that the buttons to his undershirt match the cuff links of his fabulous coat. His attention to detail really is exquisite.



This is how we all dress to watch sporting events, right? As Lucius watches his turdlet of a son play in a match of quidditch, he leaves me with one thought on my mind: Where can I buy that hat!?! This fur hat is a quirky garment that is fun and fresh, but maintains his refined look.



I imagine when Lucius woke up that morning to drop off his son at school, he wanted to make sure that every other father would know who is boss. The black robe and polished snake scepter are elements of his style that exude power, wealth, and influence. The look on his face tells you “I am not afraid to take off these Valentino leather gloves and slap you across the face with them.”