Podcast people are always trying to tell you which podcasts to get into, but I have put in the time and energy to really curate a flawless list for you. I work an office job where I usually listen to 4+ hours of podcast per day, so I like to think I have a pretty well rounded setlist.



This is the podcast that really got me interested in podcasts. Each episode, the hosts delve into some aspect of human psychology, and usually tell a person’s story relating to that psychology. It’s hard to explain in a succinct way what the podcast is about but it’s so interesting, and really well done. Listen to this when you’re in a contemplative (?) mood, and can give pretty full attention while listening. It’s not sad or intense or funny, just extremely interesting and insightful.



I’ve suggested this podcast to a couple of my friends who listen to Last Podcast on the Left, and they weren’t into it because the delivery is so serious. But, I love it. It’s definitely really straightforward, and the hosts are reading off of a script. That said, the episodes are super well researched and if you’re as fascinated by cults as I am, you’ll love it. Just don’t expect it to be funny or silly, because it really is more serious and at times scary. Listen when you can give pretty good attention and are in the mood for an intense/scary account.  



2 Dope Queens is my ultimate feel good podcast. The hosts (Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams) are hysterical, and the whole show is basically just them chatting. They have guest comedians do bits, and they interview people as well. It’s all very loose and silly and fun. The episodes are filmed in front of a live audience and I’m dying to go to one. Listen when you’re in the mood to laugh and be silly. I caution against listening at work because you will laugh out loud. Soo Many White Guys is Phoebe’s own show where she interviews people. It’s a little more formal than 2DQ and isn’t in front of an audience but it is equally great. She features some awesome guests like Alaska Thunderfuck and Tom Hanks.



Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast talks about the overlooked parts of history and how they affect us now...basically. Some of the episodes are kind of a stretch (in infamous Malcolm Gladwell fashion), but most are super interesting and offer a really different and refreshing point of view. This podcast makes me think about things I’ve never paid attention to in a whole new way. Listen to the episodes about college tuition if you want to get all riled up.



This one’s for when you feel like getting learned up. This podcast is fascinating to me, maybe because I know nothing about the United States justice system, so everything is news to me, but also because the stories featured are really interesting. This is a good one for when you’re doing mundane tasks or driving, because if you space out for a bit you’ll be lost.



Ok this podcast is GREAT because it talks about all the creepy shit I love, like cults and murderers, but the hosts are really exciting and they tell the stories in a casual and fun way. Thus, I can go home and sleep at night after listening. Listen to this when you’re in the mood for a good creepy story but told in a less intense way than Cults.



Criminal tells the story of one criminal and/or crime per episode. Sometimes the stories are super creepy but sometimes the criminal is just like a grandma who sells pot brownies. I seek out the latter type via the episode descriptions. Most episodes are shorter, and the host actually has a very creepy voice herself in my opinion. Definitely a staple if you like crime podcasts/shows/etc.



This is my latest obsession. This is made by the same people who do Last Podcast on the Left, and one of the hosts of Page 7 is one of the hosts of Last Podcast as well. The is the ONLY pop culture podcast I have found that I’ve liked, and I’ve tried many out. This is coming from someone who does love pop culture, and who semi keeps up with it. The three hosts are SO funny, and I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t enjoy this one. Requires minimal attention but WILL make you laugh out loud at work.



This is my problematic fav of podcasts because I still find Lena Dunham to be pretty annoying, and this is her podcast. That being said I completely devoured it, and it made me cry at times. She features some amazing women, and THEIR stories are why you should listen to this podcast. Yes, Lena is at times insufferable and says some stupid shit, but there is some great political commentary to be had here for women’s rights. I also love the stories about female friendship.



I devoured this podcast in like two days because it was SO. GOOD. You’ve probably heard of it because everyone is raving and rightfully so. I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll just say that it’s an incredibly told story about an extremely interesting man. The story takes lots of twists and turns, and is at times funny, heartbreaking, and intense. If you like Serial you’ll love this.


Other podcasts I also love but didn’t have time to write about: Pod Save America (political), Stuff Mom Never Told You (funny, feminist), My Dad Wrote a Porno (OMG SO FUNNY), and then the classics like This American Life (storytelling) and Serial (Crime).