As a big fan of Rocky Horror Picture Show, something has always confused me: why am I so attracted to Dr. Frank N Furter? The character of Dr. Frank N Furter is a crossdressing alien murderer from the planet Transexual, played by none other than the legendary Tim Curry. As far as I can tell there is nothing seriously psychologically wrong with me that would attract me to murderers, and yet here I am. As I have researched a bit more I have found that this is a very black and white controversy, you either find him sexy or you don’t. For those of us weirdos horny for this man in fishnets, I have decided to break it down to a science. What ingredients combine to make Frank N Furter such an infatuating character?



Do I even need to explain why Dr. Frank N Furter’s style is so appealing? The sheer glam of it all makes me weak in the knees. The over-the-top makeup with cherry red lips and thin arched brows radiate sex appeal. Frank’s corset and fishnets are blatantly provocative, but he pairs it with an elegant pearl necklace to remind everyone that he is high class and isn’t afraid to show it. Later in the movie, he pairs this ensemble with a leather biker jacket covered in enamel pins, giving off a glam rock vibe that says “feminine bad boy.”  



I mean the man created a human being in a laboratory for Christ’s sake. The motivation behind the creation of Rocky is perhaps the most intriguing part. Frank created Rocky not for the sake of science, but because he wanted to create his ideal plaything. He holds the secret to life and he channeled it into pure sex, creating his ultimate dream boy. As if brains weren’t sexy enough, Frank’s overactive libido has to swoop in and remind us all that he loves to have sex, and a lot of it.



Dr. Frank N Furter appears to be the leader of the Transylvanians of earth, we don’t seem to know why exactly but I can imagine his charisma and persuasiveness had something to do with it. Who doesn’t love the man in charge? However, Frank isn’t just powerful as a leader, he also has sexual powers that can transform even the purest couple (Brad and Janet) into sexual deviants. Frank’s hedonistic pursuit of sex is equally alluring and fascinating.



From the point of Frank’s arrival in the movie his confidence is overpowering. He enters with the song “Sweet Transvestite” in which he introduces where he is from and who he is, and he is damn proud of it. Not only does he have the confidence to run, strut, and dance around a giant castle in 6 inch heels, he also has the confidence that the two young virgins who have entered his home will fall under his spell within hours (spoiler: they do). From what I gather, most women (myself included) find confidence to be an extremely attractive quality in a man, and Frank has enough for about 5 men.