Music videos we can't stop watching: PART DEUX

HMLTD - Proxy Love

This band is so fun looking. One of them is wearing a zebra print suit and rocking matching zebra print hair. Meanwhile, the lead singer looks like Shawn from Boy Meets World and Boy George had a child, and it came out with a voice like Fred Schneider from the B-52’s. That being said, the band isn’t even the weirdest part about this video.


YUNGBLUD - Medication

I really have no idea what kind of algorithm youtube used when it suggested this video to me because I had literally never heard of this guy. However, I am glad I clicked on the video because it was strange AF, but incredibly fun to watch. Maybe it's the eyeliner.


Will Joseph Cook - Girls Like Me

Will Joseph Cook spends this video learning how to ace speed dating, and going on dates with various girls… all played by himself. I’m a sucker for silly videos with fun colors, and this one definitely fits the bill.


Jungle - Heavy, California

Jungle always has the best music videos, and this one definitely kept that theme going. “Heavy, California” features many incredibly talented dancers that are entirely mesmerizing. If you don’t believe me, about 30 seconds into the video the dancer does a fucking sideways ninja flip into a crotch rippin split.


FUR - If You Know That I'm Lonely

Perfectly planned color scheme, quick pans, and riddled with dry humor. All this video needs is Jason Schwartzman and it would be Wes Anderson’s next big film.


Michael Nesmith - Cruisin'

We were introduced to this video at a live recording of a comedy podcast. That is the only explanation I’ll give because its too good and I don’t want to give anything away. Just watch it.


half•alive - still feel.

This is the video that inspired me to make a part deux of “Music Videos We Can’t Stop Watching.” The perfectly smooth choreography had to be shared with the world (not that this website reaches the world, but y’know).


Chaka Khan - Like Sugar

I’ve never wanted to be in a music video more in my life. It’s hard enough to not dance while watching this, but those outfits are seriously making my heart ache they are so fun and colorful. “Like Sugar” is full of personality and is a funky delight for all.


Sudan Archives - Nont for Sale

“Nont for Sale” takes #blackgirlmagic and transforms it into an audio and visual wonder. The style is incredible and she is fierce as all hell, my guy.