So, we skipped Easter weekend in favor of attending a P-funk concert in San Luis Obispo on Friday March 30th. Dick move to the fam? Yes. Mistake? Absolutely not. We knew we’d made the correct decision when our uber driver bragged to us on the way over about having once been lucky enough to tie George Clinton’s shoes for him before he hit the stage. They were Nikes if you were wondering.


The audience turned out to be an extremely white crowd of half middle aged people and half 20 somethings. Upon finding a place to stand in the crowded hall, the woman next to us angrily asked us if we could “move like 6 inches away so that [she] could BREATHE.” We moved a lot farther than 6 inches away from her stank ass. Only to be asked by the man behind us if my sister could take off her (fabulous) hat because he couldn’t see through it. They weren’t even dancing and thus did not deserve the hat removal. The hat was eventually conspicuously restored to its rightful place atop her head.


P-funk had no opener, and featured about 10 people on stage at a time. George himself wore an impeccable glitter outfit which featured two attached handbags, and I’m dying to know what he was carrying in them. I think the most important thing to remember about a P-funk concert is that it is NOT a George Clinton concert. The band had multiple guitar players, singers, a sax player, drummer, and others. George acted mainly as their hype man. He stood at the front of the stage at times, yelling “Goddamn!” into the mic intermittently, and dancing with the audience. He didn’t do too much singing, and took a lot of breaks. The man is 76 years old afterall. This is not to say that he wasn’t funking us all up entirely, as he had amazing energy and presence. AND he has clearly put together an incredible band.


As far as the band went, there were some amazing solos to be had. P-funk’s guitar players were incredible, but our favorite were the two female singers. They sang backup the entire concert, but their solo performance was really great, and the two of them could have an amazing show all their own.


The entire show was totally unpredictable and exciting, since there was so much new material (which comes from having a new band). George’s own grandson even came on stage and gave a little rap performance. Classics like Flashlight and Give up the Funk were still to be found, and everyone went wild for them.


The best part of the entire show was when the band’s male dancer (stripper?) came out. He wore white fur pants and top hat, a fake nose for some reason (upon further research we have found it is in reference to a P-Funk character named Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk), and was shirtless (see photo at top). His entire job was to dirty dance at the edge of the stage. This was totally unexpected and incredible. “He’s so glamorous!” the girl next to me exclaimed. Not the word I would’ve used, but he definitely made an impression.