We saw Vista kicks on June 28 at the New Parish in Oakland, CA. This was a very last minute idea for us, and I had never even heard of the band before going. The show was supposed to start at 9... We got there at 9 and bought our $15 tickets at the door. We thought we would be getting there in the nick of time, but actually arrived to see both openers. Both of which were very good. The second opener was a band called Fritz Montana, a soulful funky rock trio who we really enjoyed. 100% will be dance-cleaning my apartment to this.

Before I get started on Vista Kicks themselves, I just want to say that The New Parish is a really sweet little venue, and I cannot wait to return. It was the perfect size for an intimate concert: small enough to easily get drinks and go to the bathroom but just big enough to feel like a  real concert and not be awkward. They also have a cute little bistro-lit patio for smoking and hanging out.

Vista Kicks is a band of four dudes with matching hair and matching outfits. Their music is very upbeat, fun, poppy rock. I think we were the least informed/devoted members of the purely mid-20s audience, considering everyone there seemed to know all of the words to all of the songs. The band was really fun to watch because they were also very into it. When a drunk dude yelled “show me your titties!” between songs, the lead singer ripped open his shirt to shouts and screams from the audience. The guitar player (who was feeling his oats the entire show) played with his teeth at one point. It was all very fun and interactive.

Vista Kicks is an independent band and I really hope that we keep hearing more from them. While I loved their small low-budget show at the New Parish, I could totally envision this band on a big stage with a light show and a horn section. The band was just so much fun to watch and was SO good at getting the audience in the groove. To put it into perspective, I was coerced into going to this show after an 11 hour work day and I was NOT in the mood at all. They got me in the mood really quickly and I had a great night.

I’m not sure how many shows VK will be playing in the future, and I’m pretty sure they usually only play CA venues. But they’re on Spotify, and they have some really fun music videos that are worth watching as well. Our favorite song is “Marceline.”