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I saw Queens of the Stone Age on February 1st at Bill Graham in San Francisco. We came a little late, so the opener, Eagles of Death Metal had already started when we arrived. Eagles of Death Metal was so fun and energetic, and seemed genuinely stoked to be there. I had never heard of the band before this, and am definitely now a fan. Eagles was started by Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme (frontman of of Queens of the Stone Age). Homme jumped in on the drums for a few Eagles songs and that really got the crowd excited. I was most excited about the bassist, Jenny Vee, who is such a badass and who wore a red glitter jumpsuit and absolutely shredded. Style file on her to come. Later learned that Eagles of Death Metal frontman is a satan worshiping gun-slinger (not a joke). Music still 10/10.


Queens came on very on time (which I appreciated) and gave an overall really well rounded, kick-ass, rock show. These were clearly well-seasoned, professional rockers. Not in an un-fun way, but just in a way that made me respect them a lot. Their overall stage presence and sound was much more refined than Eagles. Personally, I enjoyed the rag-tagedness of the Eagles a lot (maybe even more than Queens) but Queens were obviously amazing. Homme was a very stoic frontman with little audience interaction, but he sounded really great and made the whole ordeal look effortless.


Despite the crowd being mainly in our age range (20s and 30s) we found it difficult to find a group of people down to rock out with us. Although we shoved our way up several times and moved around the audience a bit, we never did find a group of fellow head bangers. The average audience member was a casual head nodder. Which seemed kind of odd for a concert like this, which was so upbeat and fun. But, I personally like to get a little wild at a rock show. Maybe that's just me.


In closing, this was a great show. As someone who went into this familiar with Queens, but not a huge fan I had a great time and am now listening to a lot more of them. I think that I definitely value getting to know who the band is a little more when I go to shows though, and that didn’t happen. This was probably because Queens is already a really well known band that has a huge fan base.