We got to see King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard on June 2 at the Warfield in San Francisco and it rocked us to our cores. Just to preface, this is a concert we bought tickets to a looong time ago, and an event I had been looking forward to more than anything. King Gizz is easily one of my favorite bands for lots of reasons. They release a fuck ton of albums, and they’re all really good and really different from each other. My two favorite KG albums would have to be the punk rock, tripped out, album Nonagon Infinity, in which each song loops into the next, AND Paper Mache Dream Balloon, a lovely whimsical folky album with delightful flute playing. These two albums are great representatives of KG’s vast musical range.



This was the best concert I’ve been to in recent memory and definitely in my top 5 concerts of all time. It was just so much fun. THIS is the concert you go to when you really want to rock out and get wild. TWO drummers. Moshing galore. You name it. This was a super fun crowd, with a really unique band.


We missed the opener unfortunately, but we did get to the front for KG. It was fairly easy due to the amount of moshing. I was so excited about this show that I looked up KG setlists beforehand, but they weren’t very accurate. KG has released 7 albums in the last year alone so it's not that crazy an idea that their setlists would vary. We didn’t hear any of Paper Mache Dream Balloon, this was a much harder rock show than that album. Everyone went wild for “Rattlesnake” and “Gamma Knife” although everyone was pretty much going wild the entire show.


Our personal favorite was KG’s adorable harmonica/keyboard bandmate. The man had 6 different harmonicas at his disposal and played them all beautifully. What I love most about KG is that although their music is loud and fast and at times totally chaotic, the musicians behind it are multi-faceted and totally original.


This was an extremely high energy, exciting show. I encourage every KG fan to make an effort to get to one of their shows because you won’t be disappointed. In fact I can’t wait to go to my next King Giz show.


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