CONCERT REVIEW: george ezra


We saw the world’s cutest concert last night! None other than George Ezra, who played an amazing show for us at the Fox theatre in Oakland on May 9. We’ve been fans of George for a long time, and this was not our first (or second) time seeing him. If you aren’t familiar, he’s a British singer-songwriter-guitarist who has a shockingly low voice and plays feel-good indie rock/pop tunes. The ultimate road trip music in our opinions.  


We arrived a little early and caught the tail end of the opener, Noah Kahan, who neither of us had heard of before, but were pleasantly surprised by his beautiful voice and adorable fedora’d (in a good way) band. He had a lisp in his speaking voice but not in his singing voice #cute.


Before I even get into the music, I need to start by saying that George Ezra is so charismatic that I could probably spend an hour and a half just listening to him talk. Luckily, at a GE concert you get a little story before each song with some background on his inspiration for writing it.


I am a huge fan of George’s first album “Wanted on Voyage” and he recently released his second album called “Staying at Tamara’s.” The second album is a lot more pop then the first album and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it until I saw him perform those songs live. The performances were so joyful and wholesome it made me love the new album as well.


This was the first time we had seen George perform with a horn section, and it added such a fun energy to the show. It was very obvious to us that everyone on the stage loves what they do and were having a fun time, and that feeling definitely rubbed off on the audience because the Fox Theatre was filled with smiles that night.


The audience, by the way, was a nice mix of ages, genders, and races. We saw sisters, friend groups, mothers and daughters, and fathers and sons, but one thing everyone had in common was a love for George’s music. Everyone seemed to know all the words to all of the songs, and it was really fun to hear the entire theatre sing along. This is definitely a concert to take your kids to, or your parents to, or anyone to! It was just an all around very friendly, very sober crowd. The show ended by 10:30 and we didn’t leave tired, or sweaty, or drunk. But we did leave feeling super happy and uplifted.