Recently, we were discussing our different personality types based on our Myers-Briggs tests and how accurately we felt they described ourselves. Myers-Briggs is a self-report questionnaire that gives you a 4 letter acronym that describes your psychological behavior. It is often given in school and office settings, in order to help people understand how they process information and make decisions. We then discovered that we could find lists of celebrities that have the same personality types as us, so naturally we decided to compare ourselves to famous people based on our M-B tests, because we are conceited AF.



After completing the MB test and reading about my results as an ENTJ, I was like yeah that makes a lot of sense. ENTJs value competence, are strong leaders, and are doers. They also tend to be bossy, arrogant, and pushy. Most celebrity ENTJs are politicians and scientists, lots who I haven’t heard of. Of all my fellow celebrity ENTJs, the one that stood out the most was Lord Voldemort. At first I was offended, but now I see that myself and He Who Shall Not Be Named have a fair amount in common. We’re both pretty power hungry; while V is determined to rule the wizarding world, I tell my boyfriend what to wear and never let anyone else choose which show we’re watching. We’re both full of ourselves; while V split himself into 8 separate souls in an attempt to remain immortal, I constantly begin sentences with “I don’t want to sound cocky but…” And finally, we both don’t have noses. Just kidding! Love you baby V, ENTJ love forever.



Proud ENFJ here! ENFJ stands for extraverted-intuitive-feeling-judging, and even just from the acronym I can say this test captured my personality spot on. As I read a list of famous people with an ENFJ personality I couldn’t help but laugh because the list is all over the the physical and fictional map. The list ranged from Barack Obama to Lucy Liu to Morpheus from The Matrix. My favorite ENFJ by far was Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, because who doesn’t want to compare themselves to the Mother of Dragons? One trait of ENFJ folk is that we can be extremely influential and persuasive people. However, I feel that Daenerys and I are both influential by sheer force. Her intellectual prowess and badass dragons are so awe-inspiring that it causes people to flock to her side as loyal subjects. I, on the other hand, am influential by voicing my opinion so relentlessly that it can wear down even the most unyielding personalities, and cause them to buckle and concede to my point of view (cute, right?).

For my online dating profile: my other traits according to the very reliable world wide web include being talkative, having highly-fluctuating self esteem, and “good money skills.” So let me know if you are in need of a self conscious accountant that won’t shut the fuck up.



What do myself and Peeta Mellark have in common, you ask? Before anyone mentions our undying, and slightly inculcated love for Jennifer Lawrence, or the fact that we were both born in District 12 -- let’s talk about how we’re both ENFPs. Peeta is willing to sacrifice his life for Katniss’s, and while I haven’t experienced such extremes in my life, as a fellow ENFP, I tend to give everything I’ve got into relationships. Such is life for The Campaigner, so when things don’t work out there really is no one to blame but ourselves. We are intuitive, and yet so, so vulnerable. What Peeta and I both know is that our willingness to be vulnerable actually fosters fearless creativity and new ideas. I focus a lot of my energy on originality, and with that comes criticism. But, instead of taking offense to such strictures, I tend to go super deep within myself and seek out ways in which I can adapt for others, because it’s never too late to change! I truly think this is why Peeta never gives up, even during the literal death sentence that is The Hunger Games. I suppose Petey and I are sort of martyrs in the face of love… <333 xoxo



A good friend of mine at work thinks I have a lot in common with Arnold from the inimitable “Hey Arnold!” Nickelodeon show, aka I’m super emotional and reflective and basically spend all my free time sitting on a stoop pondering the meaning of life. I can’t contest, as the MB test sums me up as an ENFP, a Campaigner personality type who is a “driven idealist” in the workplace but an “imaginative and enthusiastic free spirit on the dance floor.” It just so happens that Will Smith shares my personality type, so I think what this quiz is trying to tell me is that Will Smith and I kill it on the dance floor. I find this ironic because I’m incredibly nerdy and any and all “swagger” I have is 100% fabricated, but hey, if anything this reaffirms my delusions that Will Smith and I have a lot in common. I can already feel my ego expanding exponentially.

Other things I learned from this assessment: I am going to provide an overwhelming amount of love and support to my future kiddos, but still give them plenty of room for freedom and creativity. So, when they’re teenagers they’re either gonna be Janice Joplin, or resentful emos who hate me. I can work with that.



My Myers Briggs profile turned out to be E-S-T-J (Extroversion – Sensing – Thinking – Judging). That correlates with the mighty Minerva McGonagall. Now, I don’t put much stock in such frivolity as personality profiles, horoscopes, crystal balls and tea leaves. I am more driven by practical concerns like woodworking and transfiguration. I looked up her personality traits and found this quote: “Professor McGonagall is blunt and outspoken; she always speaks her mind in a forceful manner, usually without caring whose toes she steps on.” That could easily have been written about me.  So maybe there is something to this after all. Like Minerva, my respect must be earned, but I am deeply loyal to those who have earned it. I am protective of those under my tutelage and I rarely allow my emotions to influence my decisions. But mostly, we are both sexy AF.