I often walked past this ketchup while grocery shopping and always wondered how it could possibly cost $10.50. I finally caved one day and decided to splurge and see what this sumptuous ketchup is all about. My roommate and I baked up some frozen sweet potato fries and dove right in. I’m not sure if it was the combination of shitty frozen fries with fancy ketchup, or I’m just not classy enough for it, but it tasted like a mushroom sauce that was whispering “you’ll never understand” to my taste buds. Honestly, I felt deceived, and I am offended that they called it ketchup, because it had none of the delightful flavors of traditional ketchup (aka tomato and sugar). Pissed that I had spent $10.50 on it, we tried to convince ourselves that it wasn’t so bad and attempted to carry on, well that didn’t last long and we ended up finishing off the fries with mustard.

Final Remarks:

I would say you should only buy this if you are a first-class individual with a refined palette and a great fondness of mushrooms.